Danielle is dedicated to providing exceptional personalised services to all her clients, specialising in Micropigmentation, Microblading and 3D Areola Reconstruction.

Take A Look At Our Healed Work

Take A Look At Our Healed Work

About Danielle

Having begun her career in Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU) 6+ years, Danielle has recently expanded her services to include Medical Tattooing, including 3D Areola Reconstruction, Scar Camouflage, and Vitiligo Coverage as well as Scalp Micropigmentation and Densification.

Danielle is passionate about Micropigmentation and being able to offer the very best personalised service to all her clients.

All treatments are bespoke and individually designed for each client so if you are unsure on what is best for you, Danielle will guide you.

About Danielle

With over eight years expertise in Permanent Makeup (PMU), Danielle has recently broadened her professional repertoire to encompass Medical Tattooing, including specialized procedures such as 3D Areola Reconstruction, Scar Camouflage, and Vitiligo Coverage, in addition to Scalp Micropigmentation and Densification. As of 2023, Danielle has also introduced Fine Line Body Art Tattoos to her suite of services.

Driven by a profound passion for Micropigmentation, Danielle is committed to delivering an unparalleled personalized service to every client.

Every treatment administered by Danielle is customized and uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients. For those uncertain about the optimal procedure for their requirements, Danielle provides expert guidance and personalized recommendations.

In addition to her role as a PMU artist, Danielle serves as a PMU Trainer, offering comprehensive training courses. For further details on training opportunities, please don’t hesitate to reach out. The Training Academy is conveniently located in Portsmouth.

DermElite Beauty stands out as the sole salon in Oxfordshire offering a comprehensive array of permanent makeup and micropigmentation services all under one roof, within a clinical setting.

My Clients Say

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