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Microbladed EyebrowsMicroblading 1st session £200

Retouch sessions (after 4 weeks) £100

Colour boost after 6 months £125

Colour boost after 12 months £150

Colour boost after 18 months £200

Treatment Time : 2 hours
SPMU/PMU Eyebrows (Digital machine)Cost £200 per session (2 sessions needed)

Annual colour boost £200 per session
Treatment time : 2 hours
Lip MicropigmentationCost : £200 per session (usually 2 sessions but can be as much as 4 for lip neutralisation)

Annual colour boost £200
Treatment time: 2.5hrs
Top eylinerClassic & Lash Line £150 per session

Advanced eyeliner with a flick or soft shading £175 per session
Treatment Time: 2- 2.5hours
Bottom eyeliner£100Treatment Time: 1hr
Patch Test: Skin Camouflage, Vitiligo and 3D Areola Tattooing £100

This will be deducted from first session if booked within 3 months of patch test.
Treatment time: 30 mins
Scalp MicropigmentationPrice on application as would need to see client to examine area.

For small areas £250 per hourly rate
Scars and hair transplant scarring £250 per hour

Consultations should be 30 mins at a charge of £50

Treatment time: 30 mins to 4 hours depending on area.
Skin/scar camouflage £250 per hourDepends on area and size
3D Areola reconstructionSingle Areola £500 for 3 sessions

Bilateral Areola £750 again for 3 sessions

Session 4-8 weeks apar
Treatment time: 1hr per session
Vitiligo Coverage£250 per hourDepends on area and size
Fine Line TattooSingle Symbol / Letter - £75
Up to 3 Symbols - £100
Up to 6 Symbols - £150
Fine Line Tattoo - Small (up to 4cm) - £100
Fine Line Tattoo - Medium (5-7cm) - £150
Fine Line Tattoo - Large (8-10cm) - £180
Top Up Within 3 Months - £25
Top Up Over 1 Year - £75
Depends on area and size


Please when booking remember Danielle is now based at two locations 

Blushes (Oxford City Center)

Danielle is now located at the heart of Oxford, in association with Blushes.

4 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford, OX1 2HP

To Note: 

Parking is available in the area Westgate car park is within walking distance. St Giles is closer but at a fee of £6ph.

Boars Hill

Please contact Danellie to book at this location, details are found below: 

Boars Hill, Oxford OX1 5 Area

Please contact Danellie to book at this location, details are found below: