At DermElite we offer 3 main services: Micropigmentation, Microblading and 3D Areola Reconstruction.

Microbladed Eyebrows

This is a popular choice for achieving natural realistic hair strokes helping you achieve symmetry and balance. This treatment isn’t as enduring as PMU Brows, but its ultra-realistic hair strokes are perfect for achieving a soft, natural look.. Although, microblading is not recommended for excessively oily skin types.

Eyebrows are crucial to framing and shaping your eyes and effect your overall appearance. The ideal style of brows for you depends on your natural hair growth, skin type, and expectations. Using a Digital Machine, DermElite offers three options: Ombre/Shaded Brows consist of soft pixels of color throughout the brow and work well on all skin types. Whatsmore, Combination Brows blend shading and hair strokes to create more depth in a natural brow. Finally, Hairstroke Brows are offered to create real and natural-looking brows. These work best on normal to dry skin types.

PMU Eyebrows

PMU Full Lip Colour

Lips are a sensual facial feature. Adding soft layers of colour to the lip will naturally enhance your appearance and confidence. Lips are a crucial part in looking youthful and healthy without applying your lipliner everyday.
Over time, lips can lose volume, definition and colour. The boarder of your smile can start to get lost. At DermElite, with the help of permanent makeup, we can restore the youth of your mouth by adding colour definition.

Soft tint of colour throughout the lips for a natural wash of definition. No harsh boarders or outlines

PMU Sheer Lips

PMU Eyeliner

Definition on and around the eyes is crucial to maintaining a youthful appearance. From a lash line to a bold ‘makeup’ eyeliner we can cater to your individual needs. Dependent on the eye shape, different styles of eyeliner can be created to give the illusion of bigger eyes, fuller lashes and natural definition.

By employing a blend of artistry, meticulous detailing, and top-quality pigments endorsed by the Pink Ribbon Foundation, Danielle skillfully crafts 3-dimensional nipples and areolas for single or Bilateral Areola Reconstruction. Her work aims to conceal scarring around the areola, enhance symmetry, or augment the natural color and size of the areola. This can benefit both male and female breast cancer patients.

Scalp Micropigmentation & Hair Densification

Micropigmentation and Densification are techniques used to create realistic illusions that replicate hair follicles.  This procedure is suitable for men and women suffering with hair loss helps hide scars, burns and birthmarks as well as all alopecia strains.  Generally at least 3 sessions are required to optimally build the density and provide the necessary coverage.

Improving the appearance of scars is often a 2 step procedure. Firstly, MCA – a type of dry needling, operates by inducing mild trauma to scar tissue. This process stimulates the production of melanin, your skin’s natural pigment, and eases tightness in the scar. The result is a smoother, flatter appearance with natural pigment. MCA is often the preferred procedure among professionals for Scar Camouflage, as it yields natural regimentation in scarring for approximately 50% of clients. 

The second step is the introduction of pigments through a range of blending techniques to match with your skins natural colour. This is a multi treatment procedure which can help improve the visual appearance of burn, surgical, accident and general scars (such as stretch marks). Whilst Medical Micropigmentation cannot remove the imperfection, Danielle can improve the appearance considerably.

Scar Camouflage & Multirepannic Collagen Actuation (MCA)

Vitiligo Coverage

Vitiligo is a long-term condition caused by a lack of melanin in the skin, resulting in pale white patches forming.  This can result in discoloured areas in different areas of the body.   For small to medium areas of vitiligo, Danielle can introduce specialist pigment to blend and match with your natural skin colour to help conceal the lighter areas.

Danielle is one of a growing number of PMU Artists who are now using their expertise and experience with super fine needles to create delicate and artistic fine line tattoos. This is a great way to express one’s personality! Email us your inspiration and we can create a personalised stencil in a variation of sizes to try on the day of your tattoo session.

Fine Line tattoo/Body Art