DermElite Beauty is 6 years old this month!

Let me tell you a little bit about the face behind DermElite.  I am Danielle, a 42 year old mummy to 4 beautiful (cheeky) children.  DermElite Beauty is my home salon set in a beautiful private location in Boars Hill.  I had my youngest child Scarlett nearly 8 years ago and realised that with 4 children, finding the right job was going to be tricky.  I have always loved working and I wanted to continue so that I had my own independence and could give myself a sense of achievement, whilst also setting a good example to my children.  Although I hadn’t had a background in Beauty (I was actually a Legal Secretary for many years) I was artistic and creative and I did have a vested interest in looking good.  I have also always enjoyed helping others, working with other people and generally making them feel and look good.  It was a bit of a gamble for me initially stepping out of my comfort zone and beginning my Micropigmentation journey but I absolutely LOVED from day one the whole process of quite literally changing the way someone feels about themselves.  

From Day 1 of my training I knew that I wanted to end up offering Medical Tattooing, specifically Areola Reconstruction.  This wasn’t something which could be rushed into as I wanted to gain knowledge and experience with Semi Permanent Makeup and then continue my education into specialist areas. 

The last 12 months I have achieved this by training in Medical Tattooing and Scalp Micropigmentation, and whilst DermElite Beauty has suffered like many other small (and large) businesses from Covid and now the extra strain of rising energy bills and cost of living crisis, I feel proud that I can offer so many specialist services to my clients and heart warmed by so many loyal clients and friends who have come back to DermElite time and time again over the last 6 years! 

I want to continue putting a smile on the face or someone who lacks confidence because they might have lost their eyebrows through alopecia or chemo, or just saving a busy mum/business woman 10 minutes every morning by giving her a subtle eyeliner or lip colour.  

I have learnt so many things from my clients over the last 6 years and I pride myself in really listening to what my clients actually want.  Whether it’s Brows,  Scalp or Areolas I am committed to giving every client a personal, unique experience and striving to meet their expectations.

Thank you to all my loyal clients and followers and cheers to another 6 years of DermElite Beauty! 

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